Henderson Group in Northern Ireland consists of six companies; each operating under the Henderson name; Henderson Retail, Henderson Wholesale, Henderson Foodservice, Henderson Print and their IT Software company, Henderson Technology.

In 2010, after limits put on them by other EPOS providers, Henderson Group made the decision to develop their own EPOS system.  EDGEPoS was born and piloted in 2011.  Since then, constant development has made EDGEPoS one of the most powerful yet easy to use systems available anywhere in the world.

What makes us Different?

Uniquely, Henderson Group is one of the only companies worldwide selling an EPOS system that actually uses it in its own business.  This gives Hendersons a perspective that few software companies can, and the constant drive to keep their stores ahead of the competition ensures EDGEPoS continues to evolve and retailers continue to benefit.

More Recently

In 2017, EDGEPoS was put to market in Mainland UK and Australia and there are now over 600 Retailers using EDGEPoS worldwide.

In recent years, Henderson Technology has been recognised as one of the leading innovators within the EPOS market. With continuous developments and innovative integrations and partnerships, EDGEPoS is now one of the most powerful and feature-rich systems globally.

We have a dedicated research and development team, but it is fair to say that the majority of the developments come from Retailer feedback, hence our tagline:

‘By Retailers, For Retailers’

Awards and Recognition

Henderson Technology works hard to provide our Retailers with the most innovative features and solutions. We are proud to be recognised by industry leading organisations for EDGEPoS EPOS Software.

Henderson Technology, awards and recognition

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