EDGEPoS Retail is an EPOS Software solution supporting businesses from one to fifty lanes. The system delivers across all of your business needs, whilst carefully addressing the key areas of security, operational efficiency and business development within your store.

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EDGEPoS Retail Till Features

The EDGEPoS system is uniquely flexible, catering for both company-owned and independent retailers; who each take their own approach. For Henderson Retail’s company-owned SPAR and EUROSPAR stores, the company required a system that would drive the business forward in terms of promotional activity, but also provide clear, data-driven insights.

Given the mix of company-owned and independent stores, it is crucial that the system be configurable for both outlets. This means it can provide tighter controls for a larger chain of stores to manage their activities centrally but also paints a broader picture of what is happening across the network while permitting independent retailers to drive their own business.


EDGEPoS Retail, security icon
  • Payment Options
  • Safe drops
  • check Advanced Age Check
  • Audit Trails
  • Authorisation
  • Authorising fuel
  • Contactless payments
  • Drive off prevention
  • Fuel fraud prevention
  • Live system
  • PayPoint Integration
  • Transactions
  • Wholesaler Link Integration

Operational Efficiency

EDGEPoS Retail, operational efficiency icon
  • Automatic end of day reports
  • Report Scheduler
  • Fuel Cards Integration
  • Multi-Currency payments
  • Receipt resolution
  • Self-populating PLUs
  • Supplier database

Business Development

EDGEPoS Retail, business development icon
  • Customer accounts
  • Customer loyalty scheme
  • Deals & Promotions
  • Instore Coupons
  • Multi buys
  • Upselling Messages
Celebrating Success

Westhill Service Station

Following on from the installation of EDGEPoS Retail in Westhill Service Station, Aberdeenshire, Scotland; Darren Moir (Manager of over 28 years) has told us why he chose EDGEPoS for his business over other EPOS suppliers


Awards and Recognition

Henderson Technology works hard to provide our Retailers with the most innovative features and solutions. We are proud to be recognised by industry leading organisations for EDGEPoS EPOS Software.

Henderson Technology, awards and recognition

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