Our electronic shelf label (ESL) system is a tool used by retailers to display specific product pricing on shelves. Electronic display modules are fixed to the front edge of the retail shelving.

Our automated ESL system reduces time and cost for pricing management, improves pricing accuracy and allows dynamic pricing. Dynamic or demand pricing is a concept by which retailers can modify pricing for a myriad of reasons, such as: to match demand, because of online competition, stock levels, shelf life of items or to create promotions.

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EDGEPoS ESELs Features

Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) are gaining popularity as a means of displaying and managing product pricing and information. One of the many added benefits of ESLs is the ability for shop managers and staff to use the technology behind them to help manage and control stock levels.

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) ensure that your stores offer a retail experience that is more engaging, rewarding, personalised and profitable. With ESL you have the ability to change price and promotion information on any label, any shelf and any store in a matter of seconds, ensuring that offers are current and relevant.

Accurate Pricing

Accurate pricing graphic
  • Accurate pricing
  • Shelf edge influence
  • Enhance your shopper experience
  • Increase margin instantly
  • Utilise assistant hours in different areas of the store
  • Reduce wrong pricing customer complaints dramatically
  • Instant promotion changeovers and price changes
  • Payback is quick
Celebrating Success

Smyth’s EUROSPAR, Ballymoney

The award-winning, “Grocer of the Year” store has been subject to many changes over the years, increasing in size from 700sqft to over 7,000sqft with the total ground size of 10,000sqft. The Smyth family have introduced many additions to the store, including an increase in staff from five people in 1978 to 68 in 2019, a post office, butchery and car park.


Awards and Recognition

Henderson Technology works hard to provide our Retailers with the most innovative features and solutions. We are proud to be recognised by industry leading organisations for EDGEPoS EPOS Software.

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