EDGEPoS Head Office can help to reduce administration overheads and staff time by controlling areas such as; pricing, product maintenance and offers, across all sites from one central location. Multi-site operations require enhanced control and reporting to enable retailers to be proactive in decision making, aiding store success.

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EDGEPoS Head Office Features

EDGEPoS Head Office sends and receives the data from all of your local back-office systems to draw out a universal view of your entire operation. The data is then centralised in one single head office system location, allowing you to compare reports, trends and run your businesses smarter.

Multi-site operations require enhanced control and reporting to ensure that when you are off site you have your finger on the pulse of the business, as much as when you are walking the store.

EDGEPoS Head Office provides real time sales reporting across all of your outlets so that performance can be tracked from one location. Administration overheads are reduced as all pricing, product maintenance and special offer setup is completed once for all sites.

Centralised Management

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  • Create single administration customer accounts
  • Deals & promotions with multisite instore coupons
  • Allows for stock transfers between stores
  • Monitor performance levels of stores
  • Effective stock management
  • Credit accounts across multiple stores
  • Comparative reports
Head Office Control

DSP Supermarket Group

Non Scans are monitored from the Head Office Software. At the beginning of 2017, Non-Scans sat at an average of 0.8% throughout the stores, and the challenge was to reduce these to 0.25%. Through the ease of monitoring the reports and performance of the stores from EDGEPoS’ Head Office, they sat at an average of 0.1% – with some stores even achieving 0% by end of 2017


Awards and Recognition

Henderson Technology works hard to provide our Retailers with the most innovative features and solutions. We are proud to be recognised by industry leading organisations for EDGEPoS EPOS Software.

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