A multi-platform graphical reporting solution that allows a customer to keep track of their business off site. Reporting is available via the web, via your smart phone and your smart watch. Alert enabled metrics can be setup that will alert a customer via their phone or smart watch of an issue allowing them to proactively make decisions before that issue becomes a problem.

It’s a set of graphs and charts in the form of a dashboard that will show sales figures and stock figures. You can access these via the web or via an app. To any of these figures you can add an alert. E.g. if the stock of a product goes below then it can send an alert to your phone via the app informing you that the stock of this product is low.

  • Cuts down office working hours
  • Easy & accessible data
  • Can tailor alerts to suit each retailer
  • Can be assessed anywhere at any time
  • Alerts allow for proactive decisions to be made, before the issue becomes a problem
Marketstall Analytics

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