Control Everything in Just One System

EDGEPoS Process


No need to deal with multiple systems.

Designed for speed and accuracy, EDGEPoS unifies your entire business operation so you can integrate:-

  • Loyalty schemes
  • Weigh scales
  • Utility payments
  • Phone top-ups
  • Card payment services
  • Security and more

Never Turn Your Back On A Customer Again

Integrated Payment Services

EDGEPoS Diagram

Reduce customer waiting time by offering your customers all the convenience of these payment services on every EDGEPoS till in store. No more long queues or turning your back on your customers. We’ve also added greater security by ensuring the system doesn’t settle the transaction until the cashier has received payment.

Graphical Price Lookups (GPLUs)

Use images to quickly identify loose produce or non-bar coded items. EDGEPoS maintains a catalogue of product images that appear on the till so they are always consistent across your stores. The format and layout can be tailored to improve customer flow in different areas of the store, whenever and wherever you need them.

Integrated Loyalty & Relationship Management

Rewarding your customers or staff has never been this simple or effective. Build relationships by offering specific deals based on what matters to them. Learn more about your customers and their shopping habits. Use the system to create seasonal savings schemes or create staff discounts.

EDGEPoS Customer Friendly
  • Offer unlimited loyalty schemes
  • Identify valuable but disaffected customers
  • Set up savings schemes
  • Offer flexible points earning
  • Offer special promotions on any time period
EDGEPoS Staff Friendly
  • Easy to set-up and maintain
  • Multiple discount levels/tiers
  • Minimal training required
EDGEPoS Management Friendly
  • Centrally hosted database for multiple sites
  • Create comprehensive reports and export to marketing
  • Access full customer records
  • Manage staff discounts
  • See who your top ten cashiers are
  • View customer history and compile trend data

Vouchers & Promotions

Make smart decisions about your promotions strategy. Use vouchers for discounts or promotions. Control what they are redeemed against and whether they run for fixed, seasonable or open ended time periods. Every voucher is fully traceable and audited, so you know how many coupons you have issued, what it cost and the redemption rate – metrics that help you analyse and plan for success. And if you are a multi-site or multi-channel retailer, the promotions can run across all your stores.

EDGEPoS Process

EDGEPoS Control

Control pricing, product and reporting for all your locations. You can even have multiple pricing strategies across different stores or regions. Both head office and instore back office systems are just as easy to use as the EDGEPoS till and are based on ribbon bars, drop downs, point, click and drag. We’ve designed the entire system to be familiar and intuitive so that any need for training is minimal.

EDGEPoS Electronic Journal

Easy Search Electronic Journal

Analyse any transaction in real-time with the easy search electronic journal.

EDGEPoS Electronic Journal
EDGEPoS Integrated CCTV Security

Integrated CCTV Security

Our electronic journal is linked directly to our CCTV system. Search and find the footage for any transaction. No more searching through endless hours of footage to verify voids or refunds. It’s the most effective way to identify and prevent fraudulent behaviour.

EDGEPoS Scalable Solution

Scalable Solution

Our system allows you to expand and grow. Want to add a cafe, department store or a petrol forecourt? No problem. Configure your EDGEPoS tills any way you like – with or without fuel.

EDGEPoS Scalable Solution

Business Intelligence

Access a full suite of reports that analyse everything – from the success of your last product promotion to the wastage from your hot food counter. Just decide on the areas you want to measure and we can create a business intelligence cube to give you actionable insights across single and multiple sites. Basically, if you can think of a report, we can deliver it.

It couldn’t be easier. Just create your reports and save them in favourites. Where most systems are based on week numbers only, EDGEPoS reports are generated by date, so there’s no confusion. There is no purging either, so all your data is protected and maintained.


We supply a full range of hardware, though EDGEPoS works on a wide range of hardware making it flexible and cost-effective.

Weigh Scales

Because we have fully integrated our system with Mettler Toledo scales, you can maintain all the information on the label from the back office.

Awards and Recognition

Henderson Technology works hard to provide our Retailers with the most innovative features and solutions. We are proud to be recognised by industry leading organisations for EDGEPoS EPOS Software.

Henderson Technology, winner of the 2017 Business Eye 'Most Innovative Company of the Year' award and the National Technology Awards 2018