Henderson Technology have teamed up with the best in market third party companies to offer you leading and retail specific products that are integrated with the EDGEPoS system.

ADC Fresh IQ food safety label printing

NATASHA’S LAW 1 October 2021 – Are You Ready?

The way food businesses provide allergen food labelling for foods that are pre-packed for direct sale will change. PPDS applies to foods which have been packed on the same premises from which they are sold.

  • Pre packed meals
  • Pre packed sandwich and bowls
  • Butchery counter
  • Coffee Bar Snacks
  • Bakery
  • Meals on Wheels

From 1 October 2021, food will need to have a label with a full ingredient list with allergenic ingredients emphasised within it.  The food will clearly have to display the following on the label:

  • Name of the food
  • Full ingredient list
  • Allergenic ingredients emphasised (in bold, colour or italic)

Benefits of EDGEPoS and ADC FreshIQ Integration

  • Centralised control of multiple sites
  • Move from spreadsheet control of costs, recipes and allergen information
  • Reduce compliance burden on store staff
  • Rapid deployment
  • Rapid changes across multiple sites
  • End to End integration with Foodservice
  • Replicating ‘receipt resolution’ for deli operations using Metter Toledo scales
  • Integration with EDGEPoS for retail price and product control
  • Options to develop further into product management and other areas
  • Monthly cost includes all Hardware for one printing terminal, recipe management and label printing (36 month term)
azpiral logo

Azpiral - World-class customer loyalty technology

AzpiralPRO offers a wealth of features you can use to engage with your customers, with plug-and-play integration and easy management. Let us show you how our world class technology can transform your marketing strategy.

  • CRM
  • Loyalty marketing automation
  • Communications
  • Rewards engine
  • Customer profiler
  • Business analytics
  • Promotions engine
  • Gift card
  • Loyalty App (White Label App)
  • Coupons

Azpiral Loyalty Benefits

  • Build a comprehensive database of customers
  • Understand and truly connect with customers
  • Increase customer spend on multiple aspects of the business
  • Reduce customer attrition
  • Make smarter decisions using analytics
  • Automate loyalty marketing tasks
  • Maximise customer relationships
  • Rev the Rewards Engine

Azpiral offer a comprehensive Loyalty Academy that teaches users how to use the software through a series of short videos and one-pagers.

Earn more at The Azipral Loyalty Academy

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Glory - no manual handling of cash for trouble-free operation

Why choose Glory and why opt for a closed till solution?

A variety of factors drive the migration to closed till solutions:

  • Security; Greatly reduced risk of till attack.
  • Work process changes; anyone can start a till or join a till at anytime.
  • Labour savings; No float counting, no balancing, dynamic use of change. Greater effect from full note and coin recycling.
  • Reduced (even eliminated) differences; Both plus and minus, less management investigation time, no wrong change for the customer.
  • Hygiene improvement – staff do not need to handle cash at the point of sale while serving the customer. Also allowing for social distancing.
  • Improved customer service and experience.
  • Safer working environment for your staff.

CashInfinity™ Back Office Recycling Solutions

  • Banknote & coin recycler
  • Connected to CI SERVER
  • Deployed in the Back Office
  • Could be connected to Front Office
  • Automated back office cash handling process
  • Eliminate all hand cash counting
  • Reduce time to prepare change funds
  • Reduce time of end of day reconciliation
  • No more discrepancies during reconciliation
  • Real time status and inventory
  • Secured back office cash management
  • Cash in / Cash out per cashier
  • Cash tracking

Learn more about Glory’s Back Office Recycling solutions

CashInfinity™ Front Office Solution

  • Automated front office cash handling process
  • Eliminate all hand cash counting
  • Reduce time to prepare change funds
  • Reduce time to handover at shift change
  • Recording of all transactions
  • Secured front office cash management
  • Eliminate cash exposure
  • Improve in store security
  • Eliminate fraud from counterfeit banknotes

Learn more about Glory’s Front Office solution

CashInfinity™ ‘End To End’ Concept

Between the payment position (customer) to the CIT pick up, no one can access nor manipulate the banknotes. The banknote recycling cycle is fully secure. All CI systems (Front & Back Office) within the solution are controlled and supervised in real time by CI SERVER software.

Notes collection from Front Office is done with the interface cassette meaning without cash exposure or manual access.

From the payment (customer) and the CIT pick up, no one can access nor manipulate banknotes. The banknote recycling cycle is fully secure.

Survsec logo

CCTV Integration in partnership with SurvSec Ltd.

The Benefits of integrating EDGEPoS and your SurvSec CCTV system:

  • Video evidence of all searchable till transactions including on screen real time CCTV till text feed.
  • Video evidence to confirm your EDGEPoS back office transactions logs.
  • Video evidence to confirm staff are not sharing or misusing login credentials.
  • Video evidence to check staff members are scanning all items and to confirm mistakes or fraudulent activity.
  • Video evidence to confirm discounts, voids and refunds are only applied when and if required.
  • Video evidence to confirm any authorised transactions are carried out by the relevant staff.
Mettler Toledo FreshBase Tower Scale

Mettler Toledo Scales

EDGEPoS is fully integrated with Mettler Toledo Scales, allowing a full reporting transparency on department and article sales, profit and stock control.

The Receipt Resolution function allows multiple items to be selected within one transaction, thus allowing for more accurate reporting and stock management.

Receipt Resolution ensures all food items are accounted for, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity.

  • Can be used for deli, butchery and fruit and veg.
  • No static button limitation.
  • Products can be assigned to groups, i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  • Customer facing screen can be used for advertising.
  • Very compact, taking up minimal valuable counter space.
  • Receipt roll change is easy and convenient, as it is located under the weigh plate.
  • Maximum width size of receipt roll that can be accommodated is 60mm.
  • Operator can input multiples of the same item, meaning that the same item doesn’t have to be scanned repetitively.
  • If an item has been scanned accidentally, it can be deleted individually without having to cancel the whole transaction and start again.
Azpiral Loyalty Integration

Henderson Group Employee Reward Programme

The Henderson Group wanted to recognise and reward its 4,000 + employees in the organisation through a policy of staff discount at their company owned stores run by Henderson Retail. Henderson’s began their journey with Azpiral, world-class loyalty technology providers, to create an automated employee reward and engagement programme.


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